Key Competencies Project Managers Need to Align with the Project Context

There are more than a hundred different competences in project management and different competence guidelines, as a project professional to increase the probability to deliver a project with success and improve your personal performance it is necessary to understand the context of the project and use the most context-sensitive project management competences. This session will […]

The Bridge to Belonging

In 2022, the Project Management Institute released its most recent Global Megatrends report, identifying six dynamic forces predicted to impact and influence the way we manage projects, do business and live as a global society. Beyond comprehending the implications of each trend, project professionals are being challenged to help devise and implement value-oriented solutions that […]

Effective Hybrid Practices

Hybrid life cycles and development approaches are an increasingly popular way to manage projects in organizations. Many organizations now combine aspects of predictive/Waterfall project management with aspects of adaptive/Agile to […]

Building Skillful Teams

This webinar covers the various types of skills needed today to make our projects successful. Covering different types of skills needed like T shaped, I shaped, Broken Comb & PI […]

The Impact of AI on Our Project Management Careers

This webinar covers the following three topics a.    The Power and Wonders of AI. Here Uri will share two real-life case stories to illustrate the power and wonders of AI. […]

The Conventional Wisdom in Leading and Managing IT Professionals

Leading and motivating IT professionals who are typically highly skilled and specialized IT technologies, may require fine-tuning approach. The conventional wisdom in leading and managing IT professionals encompasses several key […]