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PMI’s flagship certifications CAPM and PMP ranked #1 and #2 respectively among the 9 most in-demand professional certifications. Why do you need professional certifications? And Top 9 in-demand professional certifications. […]

Free eLearning. Anytime. Anywhere.

The ultimate move forward lies in empowering yourself. Enroll in PMI’s project management programs at your convenience to enhance your expertise and secure your professional future. Now, we're offering you the opportunity to try out some of our eLearning courses for free (details provided in the shared link). Discover the simplicity of learning at your […]

New Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification exam i

The CAPM® shows the world that you possess the foundational knowledge and skills that project teams’ demand. It proves that you’re ready to take on a wide range of projects too—with ways of working that include predictive project management, agile principles and business analysis. Earning CAPM equips you with all you need to start a […]

Project Management South Asia Conference 2023

| ITC Grand Chola Chennai, India

Welcome to the largest annual Project Management event in the South Asia Region (Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka) – an occasion that showcases the resilience of project professionals across this region. The conference celebrates its 15th anniversary and will be hosted by the PMI Chennai Chapter. This year's conference theme is Innovation in Action: Connecting […]

Beyond the King’s Clothes: Unmasking the Challenges of Business Transformation

Step into a captivating webinar where we explore the true nature of business transformations. Just as no one loses weight by merely wearing sports clothes, organizations cannot truly change by merely adopting the outward appearance of transformation. Join us as we dive deep into the underlying causes of failed business transformations and discover the crucial […]

Fallacy of Powerful Questioning

This webinar delves into the deepest of the brains of individuals to unravel ways that would enhance their skills to manage stakeholders in their journey of project management. As the questions usually individuals tend to ask their stakeholders lack the ability to question most of the times that eventually becomes the greatest pitfall

Successful Negotiation Perspectives for Project Managers

In project management, negotiation is a crucial skill that enables project managers to achieve optimal outcomes within the constraints of time and cost. This webinar focuses on successful negotiation perspectives for project managers, specifically in dealing with stakeholder dynamics, scope management, time / cost / resource constraints. Referring to PMBOK (V7), the webinar highlights the […]

Building Skillful Teams

This webinar covers the various types of skills needed today to make our projects successful. Covering different types of skills needed like T shaped, I shaped, Broken Comb & PI […]

Project HEADWAY: Managing Projects You Know Nothing About

The polite title for this webinar might be “managing projects when you are not the SME.” While that might be one challenge, and it is certainly real, a slightly different […]

AI for Project Managers

This session is the first part of the webinar series “Partnering with AI for growth” which has two parts “AI for managers” and “AI Strategy”.  As project managers, we want […]