Become a PMIWBC Member
a. Be a PMI member
b. Click on "India" on the PMI Chapters page.
Annual Membership fee
PMI Individual Member USD $129 to join
USD $65 to renew
PMI Student Member USD $40 to join USD $30 to renew
PMI Retiree Member USD $60 to join  
PMI WBC Member USD $10 to join USD $10 to join
PMI Members with a current or lapsed membership can renew their membership online in the PMI Members Area beginning 90 days prior to the membership expiration date.
If you are within 90 days of your PMI membership renewal anniversary date, you will need to pay your PMI renewal now and join the chapter at the same time.
Both payments will be credited to the future renewal year beginning on your anniversary date, but you will be a PMI West Bengal Chapter member starting now.
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